Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Besan Ladoo

It was during one afternoon in last month, I thought of preparing some sweet. But,I didnt want to do anything that is time consuming. After thinking of so many sweets, I ended up with Besan Ladoo. This delicious sweet can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Ingredients :

1. Gram Flour - 4 Cups
2. Sugar - 2 Cups
3. Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp
4. Cashew(chopped)&Raisin - 1/2 cup (together)
5. Ghee - 3/4 Cup to 1 Cup(Melted)

Procedure :

1. In a pan, dry roast the gram flour till the flour turns brown. (This is done to get rid of raw smell)
2. Now add the melted ghee and mix well and see to that no lumps are formed.
3. After sometime, take the pan from the stove and keep aside.
4. Meanwhile, fry raisin and cashews.
5.Once the gram flour and ghee mixture is warm (not fully cooled down) add sugar, cardamom powder, raisin and cashews.
6. Mix well. Now make them in to small balls.

This participates in "Celebrate Sweets - Ladoo", an event started by Nivedita and guest hosted in this blog.

Who tried this recipe?
1. Sharanya


Lisha Ajish said...

very tempting & good presentation..........

Asiya Omar said...

looks delicious,i feel like trying now itself.

Amritha Kalyani said...

just feel like taking one ladoo :-) looks so tempting.. very nice recipe..

harini said...

delicious laddus...hey how much of ghee is needed?

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Delicious ladoos. I prepared the recently and totally fell in love with it. Looks super good Nithu !!

Pushpa said...

Delicious besan ladoos Nithu....

Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

Suja Manoj said...

Delicious ladoos..very tempting

Sulagna said...

Wow very yummy !! By the way,how much ghee is needed ?

Chitra said...

This seems to be easier than the bhoondhi laddu. Thank you.

Madhura Manoj said...

Hmm delicious laddoos & very tempting.

Madhura Manoj@


Krishnaveni said...

beautiful ladoo, yummy