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Round Up - Part 2 : Think Beyond the Usual with Fruits - Chutney

I got 35 chutney entries...If you don't see your entry in today's round up, please wait for tomorrow's round up too. May be I've placed your entry in curry category. Now, go through the wonderful chutney recipes...

Nayna's Murrbo, a tasty and flavorful sweet mango chutney goes great with papadams, tortilla chips, parathas and puri. She says that this chutney can be refridgerated for future use. She recommends the use of sterilised jars for storing the chutney.The picture of murrbogarnished with cloves and cinnamon is feast for our eyes.

Jyoti gives us a recipe for flavorful "Green Mango Chutney". Cumin powder and fennel enhances the flavor of this chutney. She says that this is best dip for chips and papad. She shares us a beautiful picture of her preparation.

Muskaan comes up with her novel "Chunky Pineapple Salsa" recipe for your favourite chips. This delicious salsa is so perfectly captured in the picture.

PJ is talented enough to change a fruit that got least attention at her home to a delicious chutney. She says that this sweet, sour and spicy "Pineapple Chutney" is worth trying. She shares us a beautiful picture of her creative dish.

Jagruti's "Guava Chutney" looks too good. She feels nostalgic as she has lot of wonderful childhood memories related with this chutney. Her picture is the standing proof for her delicious chutney.

Subhashini's "Dates & Tomato" chutney is Orissa's speciality chutney. Her chutney tastes too good with the addition of panch phoran. Take a look at her nice picture, no doubt you would immediately fall in love with her chutney.

An innovative dish "Apple Chutney" made of green apples from Padma is a good to go dish for tangy taste lovers. Take a look at her wonderful picture.

Meena's "Apple - Pear Chutney" tastes sweet and tangy. Her kids enjoyed eating the chutney with roti and dosa. Her chutney picture with green BG is very lovely.

Silpa's "Cranberry Chutney" is very attractive with bright red color. This chutney tastes too good with sandwich, biscuit and chapathi. You can't resist yourself from trying out when you get to see her picture.

Ruchika's "Chakka Varati" tastes sweet and is very aromatic with the addition of cardamom. She shares a nice picture of Chakka Varatti.

Gita's unique "Apricot Pachadi" goes good with rice and roti. She is innovative enough to change a sour apricot to sweet pachadi.The picture of Apricot pachadi is so colorful.

Gita's "Cranberry and Onion Chutney" is very similar to tomato and onion chutney. Just to balance the extra sourness from cranberry, she adds jaggery to this chutney. She says, this chutney tastes good with Idly and Dosa. The cranberry chutney picture is very attractive.

"Spicy Pineapple Salsa" from Rachana is very spicy. She says that this salsa went
good with her papad parathas. The way she presented her Spicy pineapple salsa with
star anise on the top is too lovely.

Champa's "Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce" goes good with Samosa, Bonda, Bhaji and Idly.
The picture of her sauce is too good.

"Cranberry and Pineapple Chutney" is another unique chutney from Champa. Just,take a
look at the picture, you'l fall in to love with the chutney.

Annam's "Cranberry Thokku" is sour, sweet and spicy. She says thokku can be refridgerated for
future use. See her lovely coloured cranberry thokku.

Kalai's "Avocado Spread" on a nicely toasted bread pieces tastes divine. The picture
of her spread between two toasted breads makes us drool.

Rupali's "Apple - Raisin Chutney" is very aromatic with cinnamon. She says, this can
be stored for longer period. The picture of her chutney is so good.

Jyoti's "Apple Chutney" is very yummy and aromatic with the addition of spices like fennel, cumin, nutmeg & Cinnamon
powder. She shares a lovely chutney picture.

Menaga's "Mixed Fruits Thokku" is very delicious. This goes good with rasam or yogurt rice. She shares a very neat
picture of her thokku.

Swapna shares a very colorful "Strawberry Pickle/chutney".Swapna has presented her dish so well. I'm sure You'd fall in love
with her Strawberry flowers.

Umm Razeen's "Sweet Mango Chutney" is very aromatic with the addition of ginger and garlic. This can be stored for future use too. The picture is very colourful.

Nisha's "Apple Chutney" is goes well with puri, paratha or toast. She says, this can be stored and it tastes great when used on the next day of preparation. Chutney picture makes us drool.

Vineela's shares us a lovely coloured "Blueberry Sauce". She has explained the preparation method with step-by-step
pictures. Pictures are so nice.

Sangi shares us a very colourful and aromatic "Apple and Mint chutney". She has presented her dish so well.

"Spicy Apple Chutney" from Sangi sounds too good and she is too brilliant to make a bowl and lid out of apples. That proves her creativity.

"Cranberry Chutney" from Kiran is absolutely yummy with coconut. The chutney is very colourful and she presented it too good.

See how Kiran is brilliant enough to change the peels of the plantain (fruit/veg) to a delicious tasting "Plantain Peel Chutney". Her step-by-step procedure is very helpful.

Nayna's "Red Cabbage and Apple Relish" is very unique. She says, this is ideal as a sandwich filling, served on an open sandwich or rolled in a roti. Look at her colourful relish.

"Mango Thokku" from Chitchat is very colourful and spicy. Her thokku and mango pictures are too good.

Swapna shares a wonderful "Pomegranate Chutney". This goes good with chapathi, dosa, pancake and rice. She shares a very nice picture too...

Bharati shares a very delicious "Mixed Fruits Chutney/Thokku". She gives two procedures for the preparation of this thokku.


Mango (raw / half ripe/ ripe) – All Fruits Mixed together - 1-2 Cups- Finely Chopped.
Turmeric Powder – ½ Tsp
Chilly Powder-1-2 Tsps ( You can add more, if you like the it hot & spicy).
Gingelly Oil – 3 Tbs
Mustard Seeds – ½ Tsp
Asafoetida Powder – ¼ Tsp
Salt – Required Quantity
Jaggery(Grated) - 1.5 Tsps.


Take a thick bottomed pan & pour oil.
Fry the mustard along with asafetida.
Add the cut fruits & stir well.
Then add turmeric & chilly powders, salt. Mix well. Let it cook nicely.
Add jaggery to it. Let it cook till the oil separates. Stir well & remove from heat.
This tastes good with all Roti varieties, Dosas, Idlies, Bisibelabath & Bahalabath.

Another way of preparation:

Pressure cook all the Fruits for just one whistle.
Mash it in the mixie.
Then prepare it in the above method.

Finally, my chutney entries,

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