Monday, April 26, 2010

A Surprise Visit - Food Fiction

Mom came home tired after a day's hectic work at office. On looking at her tired face, I rushed to the kitchen to get her a cup of tea. She sipped it and said "Excellent". I felt very happy. For the whole week, I hanged around my mom and helped her in various chores.

That weekend, Sonu my best pal visited us. After the lunch, we were chatting about our college days. We had just finished our final year and waiting for the results. "Did you get to talk to your parents about our trip?" Sonu asked in a very low voice. She was cautious enough that her voice should not reach my parents. I nodded negatively. By then, mom brought us the Gulab Jamuns. I was worried that mom would have heard what Sonu said. So, I decided to change the topic. On looking at the jamuns I said "Wow! Amma, no one can make Jamuns like you. They look so perfect and yummy. Please tell me how to make this" Mom was surprised at my sudden interest towards cooking! But she didn't show it out explicitly. She sat next to me and told the method of preparation.

Ingredients Needed :

1. Khoya - 1 Cup (you can prepare it by boiling one litre of whole milk on medium heat till it become a thick. Should stir the milk continously so that it won't get burnt)
2. Maida/All purpose flour - 3/4 Cup
3. Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
4. Milk - 1.5 tbs (Warm Milk)
5. Ghee/oil - For Frying

For Sugar Syrup,

1. Sugar - 2 Cups
2. Water - 2 Cups
3. Cardamom - 4

Procedure :

1. Mix sugar, water and cardamom. Bring to boil. Keep in medium heat till sugar dissolves completely. Keep this syrup aside.
2. Now,mix khoya, maida, baking soda, 2 tbs sugar syrup and 2 tbs warm milk. Make it to a soft dough.(You can add more or less milk to make a soft dough). Keep aside for 30 minutes.
3. After that, take a small amount of dough and shape it gently to a small round ball with your ghee greased palms. Continue the same method till the dough is completely finished.
4. Now, fry them in oil/ghee till they became golden brown.
5. Once frying is done, add the fried balls to warm sugar syrup.
6. Serve after 30-45 minutes.

The jamun preparation seemed to be very easy and I said "Sonu, next time I would make it for you". Sonu simply nodded and When Sonu started to say something, mom interrupted "Do you girls have something to tell?" "Yeah.." before I could finish the words, Sonu said,"Yes aunty, we have planned to go to our friend Mano's House for a week or so". Mom gave a deep look at me and then said " Yes Dear, I guessed something is going on in your mind when you voluntarily helped me for the whole last week!" I felt ashamed that my trick was exposed. "No amma, not like that.." I could not even hear my murmuring.

A week before, on our college final day Sonu & I had dropped our friend Mano at the railway station. While we returned home, all of a sudden Sonu said that we should take up a trip to Delhi and surprise Mano on her Birthday. Actually, this Delhi trip was a long pending proposal for us and we didn't pursue it all. This time sonu's voice was firm. As for me, I didn't say yes, but I very much wished to go. Even, when I got down from her car she insisted on her suggestion. I knew well that my parents would not let us go alone to such a far off place. I kept thinking for the whole afternoon for the ways to get permission from my parents. Finally I thought that if I made them happy they would say "yes" to my trip. That was the reason I helped my mom in very simple jobs too!

Mom didn't talk for a minute but from her expression I could understand that she didn't like us going to Delhi. We tried our best to convince her but she never listened to us and finally said "If your Dad is alright with your plans, I have no objection". By then, my brother doing class 9 came home from his math tuition. On seeing him, mom's eyes became bright and she said" Why don't you take Sandeep with you? Because I don't like to send you girls all alone!"

"What? hahahah..we don't want to take a kid with us!!" I laughed aloud. I always love to pull him...He was irritated "Amma, I too don't want to go with these two girls!!" he pompously declared aloud and went to his room. In next two days, somehow we convinced our parents and finally got permission to go to Delhi. I know that Sandeep secretly wanted to come with us although he didn't show it out. But we booked tickets only for us as we didn't really want to lose the delight of our journey in taking care of a naughty boy.

When he heard that we booked tickets for us alone, he acted just opposite to what we expected. He remained cool and said that he was so happy that he did not accompany us. Sonu & I felt relieved as things were going smooth and we started our preparation for the trip. We even arranged for a surprise Birthday party for Mano in a restaurant near her house and we called our friends who were also in Delhi to spring a surprise on Mano on her birthday. We were too excited and looked forward to the day of travel.

Atlast the much awaited day arrived. We had to board the train by 10:00 pm. Mom prepared Jeera Paratha and Coconut milk gravy for our dinner.

After Dinner, I was waiting for Sonu. I was growing impatient when Sonu didn't come to pick me up. It was already late for the then, I heard the car sound and rushed to open the door. Sandeep ran before me and when he opened the door, there stood Mano and her cousins..Oh God...I was shocked and wondered whether I was actually dreaming. Sandeep just went ahead and invited them all inside..just then I realised it was not a dream..I couldn't even take a step..felt like I was frozen..Mano waved her hands in front of my eyes and said "Hey Sandeep what you said is true..see how she is surprised!!!" Sandeep looked at me mischievously and said " A few days ago She called us on our LAN line as she couldn't reach you on your mobile. When she said her plans for Chennai visit with her cousins, I told her to keep that as a secret. Because I know you and Sonu would always love surprises a lot!!". My Dear little brother( Devil!!) acted too smart and scuttled our Delhi trip and other plans :-(

Who tried this recipe?
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Pavithra Elangovan said...

All the dishes looks so delicious.. and the jamun looks so soft and yumm.. wish i am there to taste one atleast.. my mouthwaters nithu..

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Nithu..super story..was so interesting..may be I should try one :-)

Unknown said...

Lovely post and story dear. Gulab Jamuns look very delicious.

harini-jaya said...

Hey Nithu, U r a master tale-spinner:) Gr8 story..

priya said...

tea looks so refreshing and the sweet looks so yummy and mouth watering!

Pavithra Srihari said...

Hey nice read ... but its all just imagination ..I cant believe it .. Wonderful write up..keep it going

Uma said...

Nice write up Nithu! Loved the story and the recipes :)

Simplyfood said...

Gulab jamuns look amazing and the parathas well they are perfect.

Ms.Chitchat said...

That was an interesting story.Enjoyed each and every line:):)jamuns looks too soft that I cud have some from ur plate.

Meena said...

very imaginative story n i liked the coconut milk recipe a lot!

Priya Suresh said...

Woww wat a write up, enjoyed reading, jamun and paratha with gravy makes me hungry, am drooling rite now here..

Menaga Sathia said...

I love to read ur story and also jamun looks delicious makes me hungry dear!!

Ann said...

Enjoyed reading the post! Jammu is super delicious looking!

Deepthi Shankar said...

jamuns look delicious

Nithu Bala said...

Thank you so much Dear friends for your comments and the encouragement..

Unknown said...

Very nice read!!and the dishes....I am gonna choose tea for the evening, roti for dinner and jamun as dessert!!!

Nivi said...

Nithya.. I really enjoyed the story... The way u have narrated is very good as always.. excellent.. Tea and cookies are very tempting.. Heading out to buy "Nice cookies" to have with my cup of coffee :). But I will our chat over a coffee.

those days were great..

Kalai said...

Loved to read this Surprise Visit! Little brothers are always like this! Good post for the event! And nice recipes Nithu.

Cooking Foodie said...

The dishes look yum especially the gulab jamuns!

And the story is such a good read... i couldnt think of what to write at all!!