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Guest Post - 57 : Raw Jackfruit Dum Biriyani - A Special Recipe for International Women's Day From Bharati

Happy Women's Day To All of You Dear Friends! 

Today, I am with a guest post from my sister Bharati. She is the one who gave her Fruit Halwa recipe & Interview for my guest post series started in 2010 March. You can read her interview here. Some of her recipes in this blog are Aapam - Thenga Pal & Coconut Milk Noodles .

Ingredients :

To Cook Raw JackFruit :

1. Raw JackFruit 

2. Turmeric Powder - A Pinch

3. Salt - 1/2 tsp

4. Water - Needed Qty.

Deskin the Raw Jackfruit. Cut into cubes. In a vessel, take water. Add turmeric powder & a little salt. Allow the cut raw jackfruit to cook until soft. Take care, it should not be overcooked. Drain water & let it cool.

For Marinating :

1. Whole spices (cloves, Cinnamon, StarAnise, Maraatti Mokku) - 1 No each

2. Curd - 1/2 Cup

3. Ginger garlic Paste - 2 tsp

4. Green Chillies - 3 Nos (Slit Vertically)

5. Fried onions (fry thinly sliced onions to crispy golden brown) -1 tbsp

6. Red chilly Powder - 1 tsp

7. Coriander Powder - 1 tsp

8. Biriyani Masala Powder - 1/2 tsp 

9. Coriander leaves - 1 tbs 

10. Pudhina leaves - 1 tbs

11. Oil - 1 tbsp

12. Salt - To taste 

Marinate the cooked raw jackfruit with all the given ingredients for marinating. Leave it aside for 2 hrs. 

For Rice :

1. Basmati Rice - 400 gms

2. Water - 750 ml

3. Whole spices – (Cloves, Cinnamon, StarAnise, Maraatti Mokku – each 1 small piece)

4. Fried onions (fry thinly sliced onions to crispy golden brown) - 1/2 Cup 

5. Few Saffron threads mixed in 2 tbsps of milk.

6. Oil - Needed Qty

Procedure :

1. Cook soaked basmasti rice in thick bottomed vessel with a little oil, whole spices & salt. 

2. First remove & drain half of the 40% cooked rice. Spread in a plate. Cook the remaining rice to 60% & drain. Spread this in another plate. 

3. Take a big wide mouthed vessel or Biriyani vessel. Spread 2 tbsp of oil at the bottom . 

4. Spread the marinated Raw Jack fruit at the bottom. Top it with 40% cooked rice, fried onions, coriander leaves, a tsp of ghee, a tbsp of saffron mixed milk . 

5. Now, spread 60% cooked rice, fried onions, coriander leaves & a tea spoon of ghee & a tbsp of saffron mixed milk. 

6. Close it with a lid tightly. Paste the rim of the vessel with the chappathi dough.

7. Keep this vessel over a preheated tawa & let the flame be in high for 2 mins, then medium the flame. Above the lid, place some weight like a big vessel filled with water to make dum cooked biriyani. Let it be on the stove for 45 mins. 

8. Remove & keep it as such for another 10 mins. Then remove the lid. You could see a fluffed rice emanating a very nice flavour.

9. Serve hot with raitha.

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