Thursday, October 13, 2016

Arisi-Paruppu-Thengai Payasam / Rice-Moongdhal-Coconut Kheer / அரிசி பருப்பு தேங்காய் பாயசம்

It's been a year I logged on to Nithu's Kitchen  :-(  There were lot of friends asking about my absence in this blog World and I am so glad that I have earned lot of good friends here.

I am here with a dessert as this is my blog's 7th blog anniversary. The milestones of Nithu's Kitchen for the last one year will be posted as separate post soon :-)

Now, today's recipe is "Arisi-Paruppu-Thengai Payasam". It is a simple recipe and can be prepared for any festival day. I made this for Saraswathi Pooja'. 

Ingredients :

1. Raw Rice - 1/4 Cup

2. Moong Dhal - 1/4 Cup

3. Jaggery - 1 Cup (Powdered) or Adjust to your taste

4. Coconut - 1/2 Cup (Grated)

5. Cashew - 6 

6. Milk - 6 Cups

7. Cardamom Powder - A pinch

Procedure :

1. Dry roast rice & dhal. Cool and grind coarsely.

2. Grind coconut & cashew to a fine paste.

3. Dissolve jaggery in a cup of water and filter to remove dirt. Make a thick jaggery syrup.

4. Boil milk in a thick bottomed vessel in medium flame till it reduces to half of the quantity. Let it cool.

5. Now, pressure cook rice and dhal mixture with 1.5 cups of water for 3 whistle.

6. Combine cooked rice and dhal mixture with milk and bring to boil. Medium the flame. 

7. Keep mixing the contents. Add jaggery syrup, ground coconut-cashew paste, cardamom powder. Continue to mixing the contents till the contents are thick enough.

8. Serve hot or chilled. 

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